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80 Years Young and still going strong!

Dick celebrated his 80th Birthday this March! As you can see from the list below, he his looking forward to a full year of performance...

Monday, January 25, 2016

Luke AFB, 22 Jan 2016

Dick was invited by the 309th FS to perform at the Haboob Havoc on 22 Jan. Unfortunately, a student pilot from the 21st FS crashed near Bagdad, AZ on Thursday, 21 Jan. The powers that be decided Haboob Havoc would have to wait and a memorial for the Taiwanese pilot would be more appropriate. Here are some pictures from the memorial.

The shot glasses are filled with Kao Liang for the toast to "Gold" 
Dick prepares to sing Nickel on the Grass
The Piano - Ponch explained the WW II story
behind burning a piano when a pilot doesn't return.
Then they did.

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