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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Fighter Pilot Looks at the World Upside Down

Books #1 & #2 are available through Erosonic.com, & Amazon. Dick has published his Philosphical Memoirs of 22 years as a fighter pilot and a citizen of the universe. The books cover his sense of the universe in which he has dwelt from 1972 to the present dealing with a multitude of topics from fighter tactics to God to Satan to Politics and education, birth, youth, age, death, love, romance, sex, and procreation, etc.

Books are available from erosonic.com [that's us], & amazon.com

ePub versions at Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony, etc.

Book #3 coming in Feb. 2012

For additional information go to www.erosonic.com website.

Acker Musical Showcase, Prescott AZ

The Cool Water Band - a local group Dick performs with - had a great time at The Prescott Trading Co. on Acker night [Dec 9th]. We were street level on Whiskey Row in Prescott and had great audiences. Dick continues to pursue venues for performance in the Prescott area. The Cool Water Band is gaining recognition as one of the better groups on the area for range of material and vocal talents. As Dick says: "One of these days we hope to get paid what we think we're worth."

The Acker Foundation was established by a local Prescott family to promote supporting the art in the Prescott area. It hosts two events a year to raise money for its efforts. The monies are used to encourage/support local high school goups and individuals in their pursuit of the various arts. Dick makes every effort to support their efforts by participating in their events whenever we can.

Band Members: Tom Calvert, Cameron Calvert, Carl Brehmer, Dick Jonas -- Acker Dec 9 2011

Prescott County Courthouse Square Holiday Lighting