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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Fighter Pilot Looks at the World Upside Down

Books #1 & #2 are available through Erosonic.com, & Amazon. Dick has published his Philosphical Memoirs of 22 years as a fighter pilot and a citizen of the universe. The books cover his sense of the universe in which he has dwelt from 1972 to the present dealing with a multitude of topics from fighter tactics to God to Satan to Politics and education, birth, youth, age, death, love, romance, sex, and procreation, etc.

Books are available from erosonic.com [that's us], & amazon.com

ePub versions at Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony, etc.

Book #3 coming in Feb. 2012

For additional information go to www.erosonic.com website.

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Bridget said...

Great books!