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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Misawa AB, Japan

Capt "Smack" Balzhiser
and Dick share stories
We are here and enjoying all the activities that our hosts have scheduled for us. As I write this it is Friday, 13 July in Misawa. Dick's show for the squadrons is open to the entire base and starts a 1800 this evening.
BJ sporting her NAU T-Shirt
and enjoying the show
Tuesday Smack took us to the range -- Dick's request -- and we got to watch both US and Japanese pilots practice their skills. 
Gunnery Practice Ripsaw Range
now Draughon Range

Yesterday, Thursday 12 July, Dick did a video interview with AFN. Watch for it on YouTube. They also let him sing songs and tell stories on the AM Radio station here.

Both squadrons of the 35th FW have gone out of their way to make certain our visit has been great. They even pressed their wives into service to take us shopping at a local mall.
Enjoying the sunshine at Draughon Range    

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