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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dick Jonas CD's available in Prescott

The Worm Bookstore at 128 S. Montezuma in Prescott, AZ is selling both Cool Water Band CDs and Dick's Family Albums 1 &  2 Fighter Pilot CDs as well as the RBAAB and PTF books. The next time you are in Prescott stop into the store and check out what they have.                                     

The Cool Water Band performs on the PRC Courthouse Square
at High Noon

The Cool Water Band continues to perform monthly at the PRC VA Hospital and recently participated in the 4th Annual Acker on the Plaza to help raise funds for the band members of Bradshaw Mtn. H.S. to go to Washington DC to participate in the 4th of July activities next year.

We were pleased that Angela could come for a visit and join us for Acker. She was a real trouper because we performed  on August 21st from noon to 1:45 in 90+ degrees with no shade!

Members of the band left to right: Vic Jeffries; Bass, Tom Calvert; Vocals and Guitar, Angela Jonas: Vocals; Dick Jonas; Vocals and Guitar; seated in the back is Carl Brehmer; Vocals, Lead Guitar, and Fiddle. I ran the sound equipment and took this picture.

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Kathleen said...

Very cool that Mom's favorite bookstore is carrying Dick's DCs and books!