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Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Erosonic CDs

     Erosonic produced four new CDs at the end of 2009:
The Family Album 1 and The Family Album 2; also, with the Cool Water Band we produced The Cool Water Band Sings Folk, and The Cool Water Band Sings Country and Western.
     The two new Family Albums are all military folk songs and become part of Erosonic's Heritage Collection. At the suggestion of a loyal fan, we wanted to make available many of the military folk songs, including fighter pilot songs, which were free of 'the warrior's vernacular.' That means no profanity and no sexual innuendo. We wanted our fans to be able to play them for the entire family and all ages without any fear of being embarrassed by the language in the lyrics.
     All the albums are now available from Erosonic, CD Baby, and amazon.com. You can also get the Cool Water Band albums at Barnes & Noble in the Gateway Mall in Prescott AZ. Digital downloads are at CD Baby, iTunes, and the other digital download sites. We hope you'll like our new stuff! --- Dick Jonas

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Kathleen said...

Really cool new CDs!!!