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Dick celebrated his 80th Birthday this March! As you can see from the list below, he his looking forward to a full year of performance...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Chris, Dick, and Sheba

                         The Boy
He discovered America in '82
And he cried and cried 'til his face turned blue
But he outgrew that bye and bye
Been a long time since I seen him cry

He's smart as a whip, and he's good in school
And he likes airplanes and toys and tools
Got his mom's imagination and his grandpa's eyes
He's fond of pizza and he loves french fries

There never was a time this boy was bad
He's growin' up tall, just like his dad
Guess it runs in the family — he's a thinker and a poet
Ain't much you can talk about but he don't already know it

We go campin' in the mountains and sometimes flyin'
And we talk abut livin' and we talk about dyin'
I teach him good manners and how to have gumption
And every once in awhile, he teaches me sump'n

If the airplane's broke, or the weather's bad
And he can't go flying with his old granddad
He'll come over and help in the yard
He ain't lazy; the boy works hard

He's younger than me by 43 years
And I love him so much that it brings on tears
Guess I'll be leavin' him bye and by
. . . But as long as he lives, so will I . . .

©1992 Dick Jonas

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Kathleen said...

very cool, Dick =)