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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Grandpa came to visit yesterday. I was really honored he drove all the way to California to send me and my wife off on our big move back East. I don't get to see Grandpa very often, so I always try to ask as many questions and hear as many stories as I can.

I remember, just before I went off to college, I visited him for about a week, and asked him all sorts of stuff. Not even twenty years old at the time, you can easily imagine my questions were mostly about fame and money and girls. And if you know Grandpa very well at all, you won't be surprised to hear he had something clever to say at every single turn. He told me about other stuff too - politics and family and faith.

Now I'm moving even further away, and those stories are more important to me than ever. And I thought you might be interested in them too or maybe even in sharing a few of your own. I'm honored Grandpa offered to let me start his blog for him. Thanks to you Grandpa, and your friends, for Passing the Flame.

Grandson of Dick Jonas.

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Kathleen said...

Great idea, Christopher - glad you started a blog for your grandpa. Passing on the Flame is a great idea!
The sister-in-law